Refusal at Door Log Book

Refusal at Door Log Book


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Property Log Book


Refusal at Door Log Book

Refusal at Door Log Book

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This book is perfect for pubs, clubs, restaurants, local shops, stores, private premises, apartment block. The book will give you the option to keep notes of any trouble makers, abusive customers or anyone who are not welcome into the premises. In case something does go wrong it is a very good way to show records to the Police or any other law enforcement to prove how many times this particular customer/ person has been warned or has been barred from entering the premises. This book will help you to secure yourself and any staff you may have as well. If you said to the customer/ person they are not allowed to enter the premises they may make a complaint about you without you even knowing it, this is when this book comes in. Each time you refuse entry to a customer or person make sure to log the refusal of entry in the book so if something does go wrong or you have an unexpected visit from the police or local authority you will have a record of the situation and your actions and also you can present this book as your evidence to the authority. This will show that you are going all out to make sure you are complying with the law and you are keeping records as to the difficult customers/ person behaviours theirs and your actions. As long as you can prove that what you say is true and also have a record of the situations you will be 99% more likely to have the backing of the authority. With this book, you will have the option to specify certain information such as:

     > Date of refusal
     > Time of refusal: am/pm
     > Was the refusal captured on CCTV: Yes/No

The reason for Refusal: with 11 different options to choose from:

     > Intention of selling or using drugs
     > Fighting
     > Assault
     > Disorderly behaviour
     > Aggressive behaviour
     > Under the influence of (assumed)
     > In possession of alcohol
     > In possession of an offensive weapon
     > No ID
     > ID is fake
     > ID appears to be forged

Other reason (Specify) and more...

The book is very easy to use and it is straightforward and to the point.

     > The book is ideal for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurant, Bars, Shops etc.
     > Number of Pages: 25
     > Number of Logs: 50
     > Book Type: Refusal at Door
     > Size: Height 11.7'' (29.7 cm), Width: 0.4'' (1.1 cm) Length 8.3'' (21 cm)
Book Size A4
Book Type Refusal at Door Log Book
Dimensions 29.7 x 21.1 x 1 cm
Number of Logs 50
Number of pages 25
Weight (g) 176

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