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     > All staff should have full access to this book and should know how to use it 
     > Only log in a vehicle if the owner is leaving the vehicle in the shop 
     > All vehicles left on the premises under the staff’s care should be recorded 
     > Use one vehicle log page for recording ONE vehicle only
     > All of the vehicle's logs should be filled and signed in blue or black ink

On the first page of the book:

     > If you have a licence for your business write the number on the page
     > Write the name of your business/ building 
     > Write the address of the business/ building 
     > Write the date you first started to use the book and the end date when the book pages come to the end


     > The Booked in Vehicle option is for a service that was booked  in advance
     > The Non-Booked Vehicle option is for a vehicle that comes in without having been booked previously
     > Specify the date and time the vehicle comes in, make and type of the vehicle, service priority and customer’s name and contact details
     > Specify which members of staff will be working on the vehicle
     > Specify if the vehicle was brought into the shop or a collection was arranged
     > Specify the quantity of keys coming with the vehicle and who has the authorisation to drive the vehicle outside of the premises
     > Check the appropriate box according to the condition of the vehicle when it comes in specifying any damage to the front, right side, rear and left side of the vehicle
     > Check the appropriate box/s according to the type of service you have to carry out on the vehicle
     > If the service you are going to perform on the vehicle is not listed specify the service in the space provided
     > Ensure the customer checks and signs the log before leaving
     > The person who carries out the check with the customer should also sign and date the log of the vehicle

For all booked in vehicles - carry out the damage check when the vehicle comes to the shop for the service and record it on the same page as the booking information. 

The checking of the vehicle’s condition is very important just in case of any disputes over damages that may or may not have occurred while the vehicle was under your care. In some cases, the owner may not spot any damage to the vehicle not until collecting it from you. By having the condition of the vehicle recorded you can proof that the damage occurred before the vehicle was left in your care. If the damage was not recorded there is no way of proving the damage did not happen while the vehicle was in your care. It can cause problems and a bad reputation for your business and may also cost your business money.

More information will be in the book.

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