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A door supervisor will use good communication skills and will act fairly whilst enforcing both the law and the venue’s policies. Importantly, from a legal perspective, you will have to wear your SIA licence so that it is visible to the customer (unless the licence was reported lost or stolen, or it is in the possession of the SIA). The licence can be withdrawn or suspended if this condition is not met. If for any reason the customer wishes to make a complaint, you will have to give them your SIA licence number.

As it is the first impression a customer will often have the venue, it is important that all members of the door team display a professional appearance and conduct. A door supervisor can act in a way that will improve the image of the profession or alternatively, act in a way that only reinforces the bad reputation attached to the role.

The main task of the door supervisor in this situation is to make the correct selection of customers for the venue, and keeping undesirables out. This selection process is important as it can make or break the atmosphere and therefore the success of the venue. The right crowd will be inside having fun, and any problems will be kept to a minimum.

Important Point of Entry duties:

     > Greet customers in a pleasant and professional manner every time
     > Control the entry of customers to ensure their safety
     > Collecting tickets from people coming in
     > Monitor the numbers of customers inside the venue
     > Control the queue, make sure it is not too large or becomes over crowded
     > Search for illegal items and substances such as weapons, drugs etc.
     > If it does come to it deny access to unsuitable person/ people

Duties of Door Supervisor could also include:

     > Patrolling inside and outside the venue
     > Watching people's behaviour and dealing with conflict
     > Restraining and escorting people out of the venue, if necessary
     > Dealing with emergencies
     > Supervising people as they leave the building
     > Co-operating with the police, first aiders and management.

More information will be in the book.

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