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This book was created to help you keep track of your finances so that you don’t spend more than you can afford each month. By following the tables, you can set your income and expenses as a whole and plan what you want to spend on specific areas. It also has monthly and yearly trackers to identify areas of good money management and areas for improvement.

When planning your budget remember to be realistic and honest. The budget supposed to help you use your finances more effectively so you can save some money and see what areas are a burden to your home budget.



At the beginning of the month

It is the time to set your Budgeted column. Start by filling in the Income part by writing down all incomes you receive. That may include wage or salary (£929.64), benefits (£755.21) and allowances (£170.30). Then sum them all up and put the total in the Income Total box (£1855.15) both in the Income table and the Monthly Totals table in the Total Income Budgeted box (£1855.15).

Go also through all of the spending sections: Home, Daily Living, Health, Pets, Transportation, Holiday, Dues/Subscriptions, Financial Obligations, Personal, Entertainment and Home Stationary/Office. Fill in every item in each section including the Totals. (In the Example we have: Mortgage £368, Council Tax £95, Water £45, Electricity £390, Telephone £58, Insurance £101, Gas £30, Coal £25 and the Total £1112. Sum up the Budgeted Totals from all the sections and put it in the Monthly Totals table at the beginning of the Monthly Budget Planner page under the Budgeted column for Total Expense (£1112). To fill the Difference Budgeted box, do this calculation: Total Income minus Total Expense (£1855.15 - £1112 = £743.15). At this planning stage, you should get a number bigger than zero as you do not want to plan to overspend your budget.

During the month

To make it easier for yourself to calculate what you actually have spent over the month collect receipts for your purchases or make notes of your spending regularly.

More information will be in the book.

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