Thank you for visiting Tickey.co.uk. Here you will find a wide range of products offered at an incredible price. A quick look around our shop will reveals a wide range of products to suit your needs and all at a discounted price.

Tickey is a small online shop established in 2015. Tickey reputation has grown quickly throughout the UK leading us to serving over 500 customers just in our first seven months. Tickey provides a helpful and professional service to all of our customers by offering help throughout the purchase process as well as after purchase support. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, Tickey offers the same retail price to all customers: the lowest possible that is excluding the postage price. 

How will Tickey achieve the customer promise?

 The answer is simple: by placing all customers at the centre of everything it does:

> By putting the customer first,
Tickey will strive to give each and every customer the best possible help and service.

> Through innovation,
Tickey will provide new products to suit your needs.

> Through honesty,
Tickey will not over price its products or try to sell you unreal products.

> By being trustworthy,
Tickey will deliver no surprises in your shopping experience.

> By striving to constantly improve,
If any mistake was made, we will work very hard at correcting it and not repeating it again.


Tickey Name

The name Tickey; is a small silver threepenny piece that was withdrawn from circulation in 1961. In 1949 the fare increased to a tickey (three pennies), and there was a riot.